How are you going with your Instagram marketing?


Instagram continues to be my number one most effective way of expanding my online tribe on a daily basis and I’m doing it for free!

Finding your tribe or online audience (you may call your peeps something entirely different), on Instagram is one thing but having them engage, introduce you to their friends and decide to do business with you is another thing.

What if I said that I can help you with all of that and give you specific and tailored feedback about YOUR account?

You'd be keen right?

I’m totally Instagram obsessed and I’m equally small biz obsessed! Yes. I want nothing more than to help you connect with your audience and thrive!

If Instagram is one of your main ways for finding your target customers/client, then keep reading because...

The platform is continuously changing and it’s leading to business owners becoming increasingly frustrated, overwhelmed and sadly, it's leaving some peeps feeling almost invisible.

Truth is Instagram is really just taking off and you kinda need to be there if your target market is between 18-45 years of age and stats show users are predominantly female 👩🏻👩🏽👱🏾‍♀, so if that’s your target market, you defs wanna be there! You just need a hand in figuring out how to best use the platform for marketing to your audience at this very moment!

At Mums With Hustle we geek out over Instagram accounts every day #TrueStory and we’d be honoured to geek out over yours too. Perhaps it just needs a bit of a makeover, a takeover, a spring clean, a breath of fresh air or an Instagram unicorn (that’s us) to come along and create some magic through honest expert feedback and actionable to-do’s that will create big changes to the results you’re seeing at the moment.

Removing all the colourful fun talk above, I’m offering you the chance to get a no BS Instagram Audit done.

So let's be clear about what it's not about...

  • It’s not about ticking a checklist of what you’re doing and not doing. We go way deeper than that!
  • It’s not about making you feel bad. In fact, the testimonials below will show you how EXCITING they are!

Here is what we WILL do:

  • We will look at your account through the eyes of your ideal audience (the one’s that you want to do business with).
  • We will look how your use of Instagram carries over to your website - the customer journey #SoImportant.
  • We’ll look at what you’re currently doing across FIVE key areas and how you can improve that with our actionable feedback!
  • We’ll look at your hashtags, content, captions, how you can increase reach, engagement and MORE!

We have performed audits for...



Life coaches

eCommerce stores

Property Stylists


Jewellery designers

Network marketers

Declutter Experts


Health and Wellness


Spas and Sallons



Beauty brands

Various services

And the list goes on...

The principles we cover and the way we assess your Instagram spans over any industry.

Here is what you get:

All delivered in a custom document (PDF), straight to your inbox.


A Deep Analysis

Our thorough report, we will assess your Instagram marketing efforts across 55+ individual indicators, covering the 5 core areas:

  1. Profile
  2. Content
  3. Captions
  4. Hashtags
  5. Reach and Engagement

Tailored Content & Growth Strategies

We offer current insights into the content you should be posting and how to use this in combination with specific growth strategies that will help you connect with your current and potential customers


Quick Start Actions

The analysis is extensive, so we get you started with 3 simple actions you can take as soon as you get the audit. This way you can get started instantly on the things that matter most


And for those who want to get there quicker...

1-on-1 Private Coaching

Star full.png

A 1 hour private coaching session with Tracy Harris where you can ask your most pressing Instagram questions from your completed audit. This is your opportunity to ask anything Instagram...ANYTHING!

Only available on the Instagram Audit + Coaching package


I want you to feel in control again.

Some of the bizmums we’ve done Audits for were basically on the brink of just outsourcing their Instagram management because they were fed up with guessing how it all worked. I’m all kinds of proud to say that our Audit report and recommendations has empowered them to continue to do Insta themselves 👏🏼📱💪🏼.

Others have taken the report and used that to work confidently with SMM (Social Media Managers) and VAs (Virtual Assistants). Empowered conversations bring about powerful results! Never give away your power without knowing what you’re talking about first #BizAdvice #YourWelcome.


Just a few of my happy clients


Thank you so much MHW Crew!
This is awesome. I'm excited!! So much to work with here straight up. Eeeek! I need more Tracy in my life!

Jesse Windle - Louie Lux

Iwona quote.png

I absolutely loved mine! It didn't just answer my questions about "where to from now" in Insta, it also gave me great overall insight that upturned my business plans for the next year (for the good!) and I'm excited to put the new ideas into action. Do it guys!!!

Iwona Palamountain - Inkd Stationery

Liona Quote.png

Oh. My. Gosh.
That audit has given me so much direction! I feel like I was just treading water - not 100% sure what I was doing and just winging it!
I know I can make this work, thanks to you! I know what direction I need to go in and what I need to do to improve!
So much to jot down and think about but get ready for the NEW AND IMPROVED Liona Lee Designs Instagram! 😂 Definitely taking everything you mentioned on fact, I may have already (within 5 mins of reading my audit) implemented some of your suggestions!

Liona - Liona Lee Designs

Renee Quote.png

I was blown away by how in-depth the Audit was. Seriously, 9 pages of absolute gold!! I'm so glad I got it done now, so I can sit down and absorb it all and start planning for 2018 over the Christmas period. If you've been considering it, I highly recommend getting one.

Renee Tilly - Pauda Healing

This is for you if:

  • What you’re doing used to get loads of engagement and now you feel invisible
  • You’ve always wondered how your account and feed looks through the eyes of your ideal follower ( is your bio solid, is your feed captivating, is your content compelling, is your aesthetic appealing?) #WeWillTellYou
  • You want to create a content strategy but you’re not sure where to start
  • You want more engagement
  • You want more clicks to your website #UltimateGoal
  • You need fresh content ideas
  • You have often wondered if you’re being too salesy in your posts, or if you’re not salesy enough
  • You’re considering outsourcing your Instagram management to a virtual assistant or social media manager
  • You might just throw in the Instagram towel all together #DontDoThat #LetUsAuditYourAccountBabe

Instagram Audit Packages

Star empty.png

Instagram Audit


A tailored Instagram Analysis +
Report with suggested improvements and strategies

Elite Private Coaching Pack


Your tailored Instagram Analysis +
A 60 minute strategy session with Tracy Harris



Some questions you might have


+ How long will it take to get my audit back?

Because of the time and level of detail we go into, you can expect to get your Instagram Audit back within 1 to 2 weeks.

+ How do I book in for the private coaching?

Once your Instagram Audit is complete, I will be in contact with details on how to book in for our call. Office hours will apply.

+ Will you need my log in and password?

No, we do not need to login to your account.  We are auditing how you use the platform through your social branding, your messaging, as well as the content you create and share. We are not auditing your insights. They are definietly something you should screenshot before you have us audit your account though because once we’ve audited it, and you start implementing our suggested strategies… You’ll be dancing like nobody’s business #PrepareToBeAmazed.

+ Do you use any external tools or programs to assess reach and engagement?

We do not use any external tools or programs to assess your reach and engagement. If you are on Instagram for Business your reach and engagement is already assessed via each post by Instagram.

+ Do I need to do anything before the audit or do you purely look and assess on my feed as is?

Yep! Bingo! We look and assess your feed as is - but we do go much deeper than just the surface with our assessment. We analyse every aspect of your account that impacts the customer's journey - from your bio to your images to your captions and posting habits. We even hustle inside the hashtags you use to make sure your target audience is actually in there.

+ I really want to get Instagram followers to become customers. Will the audit help with that?

As outlined in Q.3, we do more than just look at Instagram. Being the top of your funnel, we also analyse your website to see what content from it would make sense to carry over to your feed, so you provide your ideal follower/customer with the best possible experience and make them a lifelong member of your tribe.

+ What biz industries are the Audits best suited to?

We’ve done audits for bloggers, life coaches, ecommerce stores, artists, jewellery designers, network marketers, artisans, health and wellness brands, builder, tradespeople, beauty brands… the list goes on. We can geek out over any Insta account #ItsOurPassion

+ Will I be overwhelmed? I’m feeling afraid (not gonna lie).

We provide actionable feedback with what you should start, stop, and continue doing so you are able to dive right in and begin implementing our Instagram advice. You’ll find that this is a very comprehensive report. It’s going to transform the way you think about Instagram for your business. It might even transform the way you do business! You can implement our suggestions all at once or take your time and work your way through it. It’s up to you!

+ Is this best suited to those big accounts or newbies too?

We’ve worked with some large accounts (over 100K followers) and we’ve audited accounts with less than 500 followers too. We assess the 21 most recent posts so as long as you have that amount of posts, we can analyse your efforts and give you feedback. If you’re totally new to the platform or if you’ve got between 0-2K followers, we recommend you grab our Instagram eguides and start working your way through those.


If you have any other questions, please email us at